Strength, stability and self-reliance through shelter

As Pretium Partners has grown and evolved, it has become increasingly invested in the health of the US housing market—and a significant provider of shelter. Today, Pretium is the fourth largest owner of single-family homes for rent—and also a significant owner of single-family housing credit.

Habitat for Humanity, with whom Pretium worked in New York last month, is committed to providing “strength, stability and self-reliance through shelter.” In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey—and considering the potential impact of Hurricane Irma—Pretium is partnering with Habitat to help those most-affected by these storms find the shelter they need to begin to rebuild their lives. Habitat for Humanity has over 150 offices throughout Texas, Louisiana and Florida and is poised to help on the long road to recovery.

Please join us in supporting Habitat’s effort to provide much-needed relief to the region. Pretium Partners will match your donations one-for-one to a maximum of $50,000. Please consider making a contribution today.

Please find the following link: Donate